Mystery… Solved?

No. No mysteries have been solved. If anything, mysteries have been unsolved and made *even more* mysterious, if that’s possible! James found me stalking him, got in my car, started to tell me what his deal was and how he knew all the things about me that he knew, and then—- boop. End of vlog? I swear I got it all on video, I really did! But nooOOOooo, my editor Brandon wanted to draw out the drama for a few weeks! Editors! Editing! Drama!!

But I swear, all will be revealed soon.

Or will it?


My Life Is Crazypants

OK, OK, I am SO sorry, blog. I have not been here for you this week. As you can see by the last couple videos I sneaky snuck in, my life has officially taken a turn for the weird (weirder than ever, I’d say. Ghosts are one thing. James is.. another).

I still have one more video to post up soon that may give you a hint of just how out of control this has gotten. All I can say is, San Francisco is shaping up to be even more spooky than LA, and that’s saying a lot.


Back To.. Normal?

Work has been sooooo sloooow this week. Either everyone has stopped knitting in this city, or maybe they’re just all off at some crazy knitting convention somewhere. Are there knitting conventions? If not, there should be. Just a thousand people sitting in silence, clacking their needles. Snnnzzzzz. I bet it would be cozy and I could just lie down on a couch and suddenly there would be a whole blanket just knitted around me.

No more weird poems under the door since last time. Maybe the whole thing was just a crazy prank? I asked my aunt again about the downstairs apartment and she said it hasn’t been rented for 6 months because of something strange that happened there. When I asked her what kind of strange thing (leaky pipes? rat problem? MURDER?!??), she got kind of upset and stomped away to organize yarn.

I’m thinking of doing some research, obviously. Perhaps at the library…?

Fallon and Zola are coming up to visit next weekend!! YIPPEE!! I think it’ll be good to tell them about all this stuff. Right? Right.


Secret Vlogging and Other Things

So, yeah, you might have noticed that I did my first sneaky sneak vlog update. It was tricky, and my phone freaked out before I finished, but it felt really good to, you know, talk live for a change, And yes, I missed my phone and computers just a teeny tiny bit. If you haven’t seen it, it’s here:

So that was great. And then this happened. Here’s the thing- minutes after my friend Brandon put it up on Youtube, a note slipped under my door. A NOTE. Like, an old times “sealed in an envelope” note with

To- Beatrix B.

From James T.

The handwriting was kinda hard to make out, so I typed it out-

“All the words that I gather,

And all the words that I write,

Must spread out their wings untiring,

And never rest in their flight,

Till they come where your sad, sad heart is,

And sing to you in the night,

Beyond where the waters are moving,

Storm darkened or starry bright.”

W. B. Yeats.

Let Old Acquaintance, etc etc

Well. That was… odd. So yes, I asked James to coffee. And he said no.

Again, I was very clear that this was just a “friends hanging out” sort of thing, but he got really quiet and sad looking and said he just couldn’t.


So, way to start off the new year!

Maybe it’s for the best, I’ll be heading back down to LA soon enough and, yeah, maybe it’s a good thing not to get too comfortable here in SF. I do think it’s time to get back to my real life, and I’ve resolved to maybe try doing a couple vlogs soon. It’ll be tough, though. Have I told you about my aunt’s weird “no gadgets” rule in the house? She doesn’t own a tv, computer, even a telephone, just one downstairs in the shop! So I’ll have to be sneaky and try to do an update in secret soon.


Sigh. Time for another mimosa.


End Of Year…

So, 2014 is almost done. I’m so done with 2014. Between me trying to figure out my whole “gift” thing and my whole “Fallon” thing, the past 12 months have left me looking forward to moving forward in 2015.

Wow, maybe my resolution should be “not talking like an inspirational poster”…

Anyways, I decided that I’m going to just ask James if he’d like to get a coffee sometime. I’m not, you know asking him out or anything, I just want some company and conversation that isn’t my aunt talking about some new alpaca yarn over weird herbal tea.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



Holiday Tour of San Francisco


Took Fallon down to Fisherman’s Wharf. We rode this trolley car up an insane hill. I kept telling Fallon to not lean off the side so much, I really didn’t want to deal with his headless ghost…


This well dressed young man is about to make me the best ice cream and booze drink I’ve ever tasted. I may need to try this at home, even if it takes me many, many, many experiments,


YUCK. I kid! The views here are totes amazing!

Fa La La La Laaaaaaaa

aaaaaaand, Fallon’s off, driving back down to LA. It was so great to see him, we did some touristy stuff around SF, which sounds really fun until you realize that there are, like, a bajillion people in the city doing touristy things. This girl does *not* like to drive up those hills with a cable car riding up behind her. YIKES.

I’ll go through and post a couple pictures tomorrow!

Now back to knitting. I’d like to maybe finish knitting that scarf for James downstairs. You know, just to be neighborly, I don’t think he’s got any plans for the holidays and it’s a little sad, right?